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GDPR Harvester

Lol, gotcha!! Who out there has taken an IQ test? Anyone who has will know that there is no written test, it’s multiple choice and no IQ test I have taken required me to understand English except for the explanation of what’s happening: All you’d need to understand in English are the initial instructions, like “There are 50 questions and you have 20 minutes to answer as many as you can. You may skip questions if you wish and come back to them if you have time.” Questions usually give you something to consider like patterns, shapes, numbers etc., and then you are given a choice of (usually) 4 or 5 possible answers, one of which is the next in sequence to the others or has something in common with the others. I have taken 2 tests in my life: one in 1977 and one in 2010 and both were as I described above. I’ve seen gimmicky, online tests that are also similar.

So unless someone comes up and shows me an IQ test which differs from the kind of tests I have described that also require you to read questions and write answers in your own language, I will call BS on Dre ever having taken a test, let alone have a tested IQ of 167 or whatever it was. My reason for drawing that conclusion is that he didn’t appear to know how an IQ test is constructed.