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Empty soul

Yeah. I’ve been saying this for a long time now that white women need to be re-educated by white men, not avoided and banished.

I have no problem with MGTOW and the men who want to follow it. Some men just don’t want to put up with all the shit involved with relationships or have to face an unfair society, law and court system should the woman do a number on them. I absolutely fucking understand that. Fair play to them.

However. What with all the immigrants in white countries nowadays breeding like rabbits it becomes a case of genetic suicide to willingly reduce your own racial output. To not want to fuck your own race of women due to a perceived slight is a position bordering self loathing and self abuse.

You see the above type of behaviour with nigger males all the time. They take up a position of “revenge” against the nigger females by refusing to be attracted to them and then justifying it with psychobabble when in reality they have given up on their own race for whatever reasons.

The better stance for the white man to take is to not fuck “woke”. Refuse to date or fuck woke women and focus all your efforts on the traditional woman type and I guarantee within a few decades of re-education being passed down the line and the woke women turned into unfuckable lepers the white race will be back to better days.