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Gotta make one point about the tart that Andrew is supposed to have knobbed in London. I don’t care where she came from, whether she was coerced or willing, the fact is she got laid in London. Fucking a 17 year old girl in London is NOT illegal. She was NOT underage according to the Law. This is England, not America. You can fuck a 16 year old girl here if you want to as long as she consents.

I’m not saying I condone any of the bullshit that has gone on with his associations with Epstein, I am just making a point concerning the law. In England the age of consent is 16, NOT 18. Also, labelling someone with a paedophile tag if they do have sex with a minor is incorrect; they are guilty of having sex with someone the law says is unable to consent. Paedophilia is having sex with pre-pubescent children.

Andrew is an idiot for what he did and he is reaping the rewards for being an idiot. In his position he should know better and should realise that as a public figure, a Royal even, higher standards are expected from him. With regard to anything else he may have done I make no comment as I have no evidence. Sure, there probably is no smoke without fire but I won’t condemn him for anything until I see the flames.

Just an extra point. I actually can’t stand the Royal family so don’t think I’m defending him because I favour them because I don’t. My opinion is that they are leeches, and the only one who should receive any money from the Civil List is the Queen and that would be for the running of Buckingham Palace. Personally, the small amount of respect I might have would be reserved for the Queen but I think we should take a leaf out of the French book on how to deal with the rest of them.