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I understand why you think everybody is ganging up on Andre, but to be fair, you missed out on two years of his attacking us in every way he could possibly do so. He is not innocent here. If you want some reading on what has lead up to this and can see his vile name calling in action, read a few of these. He is a pro at feeling sorry for himself and claiming he’s the victim. His anger all spills from a thread Nem put up.
Andre believes only his beliefs are the correct ones, and just about anyone who debates him is the enemy. He turned on me and a few others SIMPLY because we defended Nem’s right to post his own forum thread. He has accused of us of being jew shills here on the site. He has told everyone that Nem was arrested for molesting his daughters, it goes on and on…there’s not enough time of space to write it all down. He has badmouthed, motherfucked, lied, and basically any other behaviour to make us dislike him…then he always comes back acting like he was just joking, then when we tried to forgive and forget, he launched right back at us. He is not the victim here. ..but he is very good at acting like one. Do not be fooled by his “woe is me” routine. Again, I understand why you, who did not see years of abuse from him to understand, because he is good at playing the victim, but I have every forum thread on my computer where he attacked us for months, he dished it out as well as received it, but the point I’m trying to make is that when HE is “tired” of it, he cries like a Fucking pussy to anyone who will listen. . .and members who didn’t see the whole story will be confused to why poor little Andre is getting attacked. No one cares what he believes, at least I dont, my problem is his lying and attacking others who won’t agree with his “truths”. He just wants to you to think we are mad about his beliefs…but really, nobody cares what he believes. He cries more than any bitch on this site. Sorry if it sounds mean and nasty, but I’ve been on the receiving end of his crazy rants for too long to give him anymore breaks…he’s used them all up.

Also, I don’t pick my friends based on who they like or dislike, like he does…so I love you even if you’re his friend…but he doesn’t extend the same, so fair warning.