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I guess I was looking for a fight. Someone was identifying all the languages they thought they recognized on the videos from the recent German mass shooting at the Turkish clubs. I lost a nut with the ignorance. But what did I expect? And then I thought about what kind of funny comments I might get from my user name. And just said fuck it. Basically I’m an attention whore. Have loved gore since I was a wee kid sneaking around to watch horror films in the middle of the night. My first encounter with real dead bodies was over Beaufort Castle in Lebanon. The guide I was with asked my brothers and I if we wanted to see a dead body. I followed them over to see 2 charred Syrian Soldiers under a tree. You could see their bones through the charred flesh or gloves. But when the wind changed direction and I got a wiff of the burned hair and skin. I freaked and ran… all of a sudden a soldier grabbed me as I was inches from stepping on a landmine. Boy did the soldier that look us there get into trouble. Seeing it in real life was like any horror movie…but when it involved my sense of smell suddenly it effected me in a whole different way.

What is your history with Gore?