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GDPR Harvester

Lol at computer paper with holes; that would be from a dot-matrix printer which I had during the 80s. 😂

Nope. zero interests anymore other than waiting to watch all the snowflakes melt when the economy goes tits up and they all lose their 401k savings, pension, life insurance, cash, stocks, bonds etc. etc. I will find that most amusing and then I’ll look forward to an economic and monetary reset for which, I hope, I will be sitting pretty. Only two things are real money…and I own both!

Pets? A friend of mine told me about 40 years ago to never have a hobby that eats. He was a wise man. Another great piece of advice I got once was “If it flies, floats or fucks, then rent it!” I did have a cockatiel once who could say the complete Jack & Jill nursery rhyme but when he got into the habit of screeching out at 6.30 am his days were numbered. I also had a few dogs but they were racing greyhounds and kept in a kennel and they earned their keep; there is no way I’d allow a dog to live in my home. Same for cats.

So that’s me in a nutshell. A loner; MGTOW and looking forward to the collapse of society. And I’m only happy when I’m miserable. 😀