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With all due respect sir,,, A Rational and extremely honest person would look at all aspects and without bias, or ones ego interfering it would come to realize that you can never trust the Jew-Muricans with their Many lies so they can not veer off while perusing their agendas that must conform to their continued stories and (Comic Book Space Cartoons). One must learn to “Separate Fact From Fiction” in order to see more clearly the whole and truthful picture that has been in front of them all along.

So out of *Respect For You’s All* and i mean (all of the other Non-Believers to) i will at least have the decency to answer all of your questions (honestly as always) and to the best of my ability, even though i have already answered & explained most of these questions, if not all of them, in previous discussions that i had with Nemes quite some years-ago. And we discussed-it with each other (back then) while i answered his many questions while always being open-minded, remaining completely unbiased, & doing-so respectfully.

And this is something which i truly believe everybody deserves, and that is to be herd, and that is for anybody to have the dignity of at least having the right to voice their opinion, and having the person questioning it do it respectfully, while doing lots of their (Own Research) on the subject before Passing Judgement on them, and simply just calling them stupid, unintelligent assholes, and the like.

So first-off this was not, and has never been created by any Asteroid/Meteor whatsoever Brother, as the Masons, and Their Jewish Overlords at At NASA Would like us to believe. And i will explain, and show you in complete detail why this is the case (as i always do) with pictures, & proof below, the many reasons why.

#1- When you see an Asteroid/Meteorite (or the like) most times they break-up into tiny piece before coming to rest on the ground. And what remains if any are these small basketball sized and smaller rocks. But every single time in recorded history, and in every single video “Ever Taken” of them they always come-in on an angle, therefore these perfect circular holes would be impossible to have formed always,,, always come in on an angle. So for all of the holes whether sinkhole or gas hole they are always

#2- The exact same craters like the one in Arizona was created/formed some time ago by gas that bubbled-up and therefore surfaced the earth. This as a matter of fact still happens to this very day with the recent craters that were discovered overnight for A Russian Eskimo’s or Russian Siberian-Natives appeared overnight some were seen in mid-July and in 2014 having the same dead center (impact lookalike) when as we discussed above would have a long dirt ditch and would drag on the ground for hundreds of meters and have (A Huge Hill) at the very end of this drag mark, or tail where the supposed Asteroid/Meteorite would have lost it’s speed and come to a
complete, and full stop. Therefore it would have stopped pushing up the earth at the end like a huge plow pushing a snowbank, and it would have came from the exact opposite, to the angle that it would have came crashing down from.

#3- And if you take a close-up look at the moon if you have a telescope as i do, you would see much closer, and clearer that the exact same craters that are on the Moon Look like they have all came in dead-straight (sort of speak) having zero, or none of them coming-in on an angle whatsoever when the chances of this happening even once would be one in a million, as 99.99.999% would be coming-in on a definite and pronounced angles that would make it look like our moon was full of highways instead of all these perfect circular shaped craters.

This write-up below was written by the Siberian Times wrote on February 23, 2015

In mid-July 2014, a mysterious hole in permafrost, spotted by helicopter pilots in the Yamal region of northern Russia, captured the world’s attention. Reindeer herders reported a second hole some days later, and still later a third Siberian crater was found. Weird explanations ranged from meteorites to stray missiles to aliens, but by late July a team of scientists reported that they had measured unusually high concentrations of methane inside the first crater, which is now known as B1. The journal Nature published a story on its website on July 31, 2014 featuring those findings, and many accepted the unsettling idea that an explosive release of methane, related to global warming, caused the craters … until February 2015 when the Siberian Times reported more craters in Siberia. A Russian scientist speculated that there may be “20 to 30 craters more.” The report of more craters has led scientists to offer a different, simpler explanation for them, one that is still related to global warming, but does not involve a powerful and explosive methane release.

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