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Google, Jew owned google? Can’t trust their numbers. Also, just because there have been a billion searches for flat earth, it doesn’t mean all of the people searching it agree with it. I would say that most of the people who search it don’t agree with it.

Take BestGore for example. I have not seen one person agree that the earth is flat. Only Dre believes this. So if it was so easy to convince a billion people about flat earth, then why can’t dre convince anybody on BestGore. Are we all retarded? Everybody on this site is into conspiracies.

Everybody on this site are seasoned truther’s. But none of us believe flat earth? Seems pretty conclusive to me.

We have all been discussing conspiracy theories for years, yet not one of us agrees that the earth is flat! NOT ONE! This site is full of super intelligent people, all of whom have been discussing conspiracy theories for years. The people on this site know more secrets about this world than any other site you could compare it to. Yet, not one of us agrees with dre about flat earth?

Sorry, I’m not buying that everybody on this site is too stupid to figure out flat earth, and dre, and only dre is the only one who is smart enough to understand flat earth. It’s the opposite. Everybody has seen all of the evidence presented for years, and it hasn’t convinced ANYONE! IN YEARS! It’s not our egos, it’s not our pride. It’s the complete lack of evidence!

All we have is a claim that the earth is flat and a bunch of stories with zero evidence.

Flat earth can’t be proven. A big dome can’t be proven. A big ice wall guarded by the military encircling the whole world can’t be proven.

Flat earth is bogus. Nothing has been proven in years.