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Empty soul


I learnt from a very young age that attracting women is a counterintuitive process.

Looks wise I fall within the average range. The upper average range maybe. I am no Brad Pitt for sure but I am somewhat pleasing on the eyes I guess depending on your standards. Anyway. Personality wise I have always been a bit of a cold fish. Argumentative too. Quite mocking at times. I also have a cruel streak and am quite open about what I hate and like.

To conclude. My personality should kill any woman dead in her tracks, lol, and yet it doesn’t. Quite the opposite in fact.

I have never had any problem attracting women and yet I have never given a shit. I’m not even overly kind to them.

It is my opinion and experience that women are sexually attracted to men who refuse to be owned and chained down but socially attracted to weak and compliant men for obvious reasons.

In my opinion then, don’t lower your standards. Instead advertise them unashamedly, lol. Wear them with pride. Stick it on your dating profile that you will not date feminists. That you are only interested in traditional type women. Family oriented types and all that jazz.

Do that and the time wasters will be killed instantly and what dates you do get will be more successful because the element of surprise is gone and expectations met beforehand.