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Another very painful dose of reality from BG…And as someone who worked/volunteered for YEARS against child sexual abuse and other do-gooder causes, these women have made me feel genuine despair. I just don’t understand at all. I can’t relate. I can’t even begin to “get” the motives and motivations for taking such risks with their children that they all say they love. I don’t understand any of it.

The pregnant ones are at risk of having their kids abducted or worse…Just…why? COULD it be primarily about hooking someone to support them financially? WHY? We have all kinds of social welfare programs aimed at low-income women and children.

I remember an interview with a recruiter or coach or some kind of mentor for very young men who were about to make it big in sports…Basketball? Football?…Anyway, the adviser/mentor guy was cautioning the young athletes about using condoms AND never throwing them away, but keeping control of used condoms so a woman wouldn’t be able to fish it out of the trash in order to try to impregnate herself…

Was this what all those suffragettes were fighting for?
Is this why I taught my daughter to change a tire and my son to cook for himself?
What are the lives of those kids going to be like even if they escape some horrible abuse at the hands of one or two or ten of their mom’s boyfriends?

I don’t understand how, in this era of the most prosperous and most progressive nation in the world we here on BG looking at those…women. Mothers. Just…why?