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Mr Spock

Thanks for the responses, guys. It’s amazing. I pop a question on a Gore site and I get more intelligent responses inside 24 hours than I do from people I’ve known for years. The irony!

The problem is that even in a big city like London, it can still be hard to meet people, if the girls in your social circle are not your cup of tea. Even if you attend social events, the women that turn up are not that desirable. I.e. too old, too cold, too plain or nothing to inspire. A lot of them lack social skills, they don’t know how to work the room. Online is impossible. Whenever a girl shows you interest, or responds to you and you read her profile, you are normally swearing under your breath. It’s usually a single mum, a BBW, an over 50’s alpha, trailer trash, or someone fugly. Even a woman that’s a 4 out of 10 overall, thinks she’s a 9 and will ignore most guys. (We call’em 49-ers, lol). So where are all the attractive, solvent women over 40? I can’t find even one.

I could be happy on my own, but then I’d have to do some pumping and dumping, if doing things the decent way doesn’t work. After 40, there are many women who will be glad for the attention of a guy they would have ignored 10 or 15 years ago.

IRL, it seems to that the halfwway attractive women are found in the most vacuous of places, i.e. trendy restaurants and nightclubs, any ‘hedonistic’ places. You’ll never find them in normal places, lol.

So yeah, it’s best to look outside London, through online.
And if I don’t meet anyone, at least I have no regrets. I’ve had attractive girlfriends in the past, but they were a bit strange or high maintenance. It’s better to be single than with someone who isn’t right. I can see where Mark’s AWALT viewpoint comes from. Look at the divorce rate in western countries. You gotta be careful.