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At the moment things are quiet around here; quite normal actually, but I’m in lockdown mode now as I am well stocked up. Those who know me know to leave me the fuck alone; those who don’t know me could end up finding out the hard way. But in all seriousness, I will just sit this virus-scare out. The bigger worry for me would be the breakdown of society as I live in a large town which has around a quarter of a million people in the catchment area, and we have our fair share of morons.

I don’t know of you’ve followed my thread on the economy but I saw that the Fed has said it will plough 1.5 trillion dollars into the markets over the next couple of months; and that is just the beginning of you entering QE5 (the repo market bailouts was QE4) but they won’t call it that; though in effect, that’s exactly what it is! There were no offers the other day on US bonds so God knows how much the Fed bought up there! All they can do is print money but the world is getting wise to it and they don’t want to lend the US anymore by buying the bonds so the Fed has to buy them thus monetising the government’s debt. Also the yield curves on the longer term bonds are climbing, even after the interest rate cut. This NOT good for the dollar. At the moment the dollar is holding out but for how much longer no one knows. Once you see the stock market collapsing, the bond yields going up and the dollar falling, then that’s the Trifecta when it comes to financial disaster and you’ll be facing hyperinflation. Personally, I think it’s what they want because hyperinflating the currency is the only way they can clear the debts.

Could be time to start seeing who’s leaving keys in the yacht’s ignition. @illegalsmile55