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Good Afternoon My good man & Best-Gore brother. 🙂
Now as For the answers to Your Questions # 4 & # 5. Even Though They Both Unfortunately fall into The (Unreasonable Question Category), simply because You’s All Know, And know well that we do not,,, and have not ever had the Billions of Dollars Required, and The Military Might Necessary to purchase the Weapons,,, Equipment,,, Tools,,, Food,,, and so on, in order to even Entertain the Thought of going on such a long, arduous, Dangerous, and Illegal Journey/Expedition.

So Firstly,,,
But because They were back then (and still are today) Zionist-Jew-Globalists that were Part of This Group of **(12 Countries “Back Then” In 1959-61)** that had Multi-Billions of dollars at their disposal, only they could ever even dream of undertaking such a long, dangerous, risky and Uncertain Journey into the Unknown. But without Having The Military Might At their disposal of multiple War Ships,,, Fighter Planes,,, 8 wheeled Argo’s,,, Ski-do’s & so on, to attempt going way beyond The Antarctica Ice-Wall, & It’s Shoreline, and go Deep Inland to see where, and if our Flat-Earth Ends would be completely impossible.

And secondly,,,
Because we are not allowed to go anywhere close to Antarctic before being stopped in our tracks and turned around with death threats, as they follow us back to our Country of origin, or back to where we had sailed from, or attempted to start our Journey from. Only if you book 1 of only 2 specialized (Jewish-Owned Cruise Ship are you allowed to sail to Antarctica, get off on land, and see penguins in this (maybe small 5 square kilometers) designated part of Antarctica. So you can see why only a very few have ever & will ever seen Antarctica.


Antarctic Treaty System – Wikipedia The twelve countries that had significant interests in Antarctica at the time were: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries had established over 55 Antarctic stations for the IGY. Effective: June 23, 1961 Location: Washington, D.C. , United States Signed: December 1, 1959 Type: Condominium

So in closing,,,
I only know of a couple of people who have seen the Surrounding Antarctica Ice-Wall and all of it’s glory, and that is *Admiral Byrd* Who was sent there to explore as far inland as he could past the Antarctica shoreline, or Ice Wall, whichever side he chose to enter from. And it is on record that he Had Lost a couple of accompanying Planes while trying to go further inland. The cause is still sketchy, but lets take into consideration that they had all fulled-up their tanks including the (2 Extra Specially Built Fuel Tanks) that were Inside the Planes Fuselage & on both sides, right before leaving the aircraft carriers that were tied off on the Ice Wall. That was the only way that these huge ships could get close to shore, as the ice walls continue underwater some for multiple miles until they hit solid ground below it’s dept.

So while they flew into the unknown some planes lost their bearings due to a large fluctuation in temperatures outside, and the fog made impossible to see, when suddenly they 2 if i recall correctly had crashed into this almost-invisible barrier while others were chased-out by these super fast saucer type ships, which sent Byrd and all of it’s military might back to The U.S. Where he was reminded of his oath to secrecy in what he had just found-out/discovered. But he knew much more than he led us to believe in television interview, but not without giving us many hints, (Which you will hear about) when he mentions little America. But there is Absolutely no doubts whatsoever that they had indeed hit something out of this world, and it was This Invisible Firmament Barrier, Or more precisely,,, (Earth’s Invisible Glass-Like Firmament/Wall) that comes to rest on the Earth’s surface.

Where Our Dome/Firmament comes to rest is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, and that is that it must be on/connected on solid ground, rock, soil, or the like on Earth’s Surface. So if you are beginning your inland Journey By flying over an Ice Wall Shoreline, than it (The Firmament) can be much farther than anticipated, cause the water below this ice can go for hundreds of miles, or until you reach a mountain top, or the like indicating land. So it can quite A Few Thousands Of Miles Away.

But if you are coming in, and flying over from an Earthy, Sandy, Solid Ground Shoreline, even though your guess again,,, (is as good as mine), it could very well mean that “The Dome” could be much closer than anticipated, and can be within reach only a few thousands of “Meters” instead of Miles Away. Now this would/could then explain why some planes hit this solid barrier, when others that were only a few close miles away from each other and flew more or less parallel to each other, did not make contact with this invisible type of barrier, because they did after-all leave together, and they all headed South.

So the different type of shoreline that they decided to lift off and go over i believe (makes a huge difference)
on the distance on must travel to reach it. And because i am positive that it was an Ice Wall departure Being that it was the only logical, and fuel efficient way to go for the planes fuel consumption, it would be an ideal area for land exploration also. You know a place where their Big Aircraft Carriers (Which Were 3) if i remember correctly could get right up, and hug the shoreline being that the water was super deep,as the ice wall continued right to the bottom of the ocean a couple of miles below.

So again,,, just a great place to tie off and get some on foot sightseeing, and leg stretching for these sailors and Navy-men, which i’m positive many of them did once there. So it is with the Upmost Certainty that there is absolutely No Way whatsoever and i mean *NO WAY* that I (Along With 99% Of The Worlds Total Population) have never/ever had the opportunity/chance to see what lies beyond this most stunningly beautiful 65 Thousand Mile Long Antarctica Shoreline that surrounds our entire Dome/Firmament covered Flat-Earth. Besides James Rockefeller who b.t.w. Had a Mountain in Antarctica named after him deep inside this Earth surrounding place we call Antarctica. But since Captain Cook,,,& Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s made their stunning discoveries,only a few lucky Evil chosen ones have had the chance to see what lies beyond this most guarded place Antarctica along with The Arctic which is the center of our Flat-Earth.

Now once you’s find out what happened afterward Both Of Their Expeditions,,, You Will by Mind-Blown. We are talking about Well Documented Facts that have been (Completely Declassified) after their 35 Year term was up. So because some dumb-ass was to busy picking his nose while raking-in 50 Million U.S. Dollars A Day 365 Days A Year,
they forgot to extend it. So it was released under The Freedom Of Information Act. And because of this,,,
**And All The Pieces Of The Puzzle Regarding The Antarctic Treaty Will Completely, & Totally Blow Your Minds**