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Continued from above. Our Beautiful Mother Earth.


So Again,,, i thought that it was of great importance for myself to share with you’s all what i have learned so far in my short life while simply observing and pondering over this incredible, yet so delicate place, or ecosystem that we all live on, our beautiful home called Earth. But in order for myself to be successful in having you’s all see it as i have done by using a (different set of eyes), i have taught myself The Art of Seeing, instead of Just Looking at everything.

And by doing-so it opened my eyes so much that i then realized that from the smallest little creature, or insect, to the Largest Grizzly’s of the far Northern Mountain Ranges, The Lions of the African Savannah they all play a major role in keeping us all alive and thriving as a human race.

So what i have come share with you’s all is this. If we all really do take a good look at life itself, and all that has been meticulously planned out for us and our survival, just by watching how nature unfolds into this self-sustaining, and life supporting miracle we will then be able to look at how (A Caring, & Loving Creator) intelligently created this Eden for us all to enjoy. Now if these Evil-Men, their many lies, and the continued atrocities they commit for their love of money, and power above all did not come into play, we would be enjoying a stress free happy life, as it was intended to be since the very beginning.

Not only would there be less crime, and hate in this world, but we would all come to understand that there is an after life, and a beautiful one at that, and this alone would erase our biggest fear, and that is the fear of death, and dying. But they (These Evil-Men) want us to think that we are simply worthless humans, and compare us all as a grain of sand in a vast universe of emptiness.

So they scare us and fill us up with nothing but enough fear, that we want to keep believing them, and that their might be something out there like a type planet like ours, but better that can sustain life, and that if found we could maybe even live for hundreds of years there because of different less harmful gasses that are found on our Earth. And because of this fear that they keep pumping into us while living our whole lives affected by it, we question nothing, and hope that these Lunatics are right.

So we go and put our trust, and whole lives into them, and their series of lies, hoping,,, just hoping, that this will be the case, and that they will find new planet, or this Eden. But This Eden Guys/Gals we are living-in at the present time, if it had not been so corrupted my power, and money. But we do have right here, and right now if we want it to be.

So by telling us that their is no Creator, or God Looking down upon us, but that it was simply 2 Rocks that came-out of nowhere and created everything, it was the perfect recipe for disaster. We then became people with personality disorder manifesting themselves in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience, while also being extremely selfish, in other words Sociopaths. When people know that big brother could, or is watching, it keeps you inline, and makes you a better overall person.

But in the absence of any (Big Brother watching) you become the perfect consumer,, and these selfish perverted sexually deviant pedophiles,,, these transsexual bisexual/ freaks that sometimes are even caught Having sex with animals called bestiality. The condition of being sexually attracted to animals is called zoophilia, paraphilia.

But hey,,, nobody is watching so i don’t give two shits as we all are going to turn into dust once dead, because we were created from 2 Rocks that hit together, and that came-out of nowhere, and from nobody. So this is it,,, one life and that’s it.

But Man-O-Man that is so very far from the truth that it is sickening if you just take a minute and look at life and all the good things that our Earth has to offer. Cause when you stop listening to the News,,, The History Channel,, The Science Channel, and all of this related bullshit, and spend more time outdoors alone and in complete serenity of it all, you will see, and realize that this is not, and cannot be the case whatsoever.

Cause when you do see things in a totally different way, you’s will all come to understand that coincidences just cannot apply to so many things that are so incredibly interconnected. And what i mean by this, is that most of us rarely (if ever) take a good and long look at what exactly is going-on around us, and knowing just that every single thing, Animal, plant tree, bird, have a reason for being, and here are just a few examples…

Let’s Examine What many of us call Coincidences, or Evolution, in the examples below. And You’s be the judge.

1- A Bear,,,
After a Bear Comes-out of hibernation one of the first foods available to them are dandelions, and an assortment of berries like Raspberry’s,,, Strawberries,,, & Blackberries,,, (that oddly & coincidentally) enough come out and are ready in early spring every year exactly when the Bears come out of their dens. And although they have some of the strongest jaws or biting power in the Mammal World, they for the most part do not crunch the Berries seeds, but instead they scat them out whole mixed in with their excrement. They always scat the previous days food not too long after every meal. So within a few miles away, you will find fresh bear scat/excrement with hundreds of whole seeds inside-it. And because scat, or Mammal manure is the very best to grow any seeds in, new patches of berries will pop-up where he poops-up, (many coincidences) no??

Field Mice,,,
Field mice run these highways a couple of inches under fields in order to make nests for their young,,, keep cool on the hot summer days, and warm in the winter under the ground and a warm blanket of snow. And mostly to stay safe, and away from predators, which are (Mostly Owls), and the odd Coyote, or Red Foxes. But these mice play a crucial role in our fragile ecosystem because without them many large Mammals like The Bison, Deer, Elk, Horses, Cows eat the nutrient rich grasses that grow above their highways that can reach for miles as they sometimes connect with other mice highways. And in essence they Provide much needed irrigation for these rich grasses to continue growing in abundance in order to support these Thousands Of Mammals.

And when there young are grown enough that mom, and child can start venturing out to gather food Mr. Owl comes along and eats many as a way to control the population. And what the owl do after swallowing these mice whole is to regurgitate the bones back out as to not perforate their small, and fragile bowel systems, letting the rest pass through their digestive system. And because mice are rodents that eat bark and roots mostly, they need lots of calcium to keep those pearly whites strong and vibrant.

So in turn they of then could very well end up eating the bones of their fellow buddy, and roommate that were Regurgitated by an Owl Only a few short days earlier. I Have also come across the bones of a dead dear (that i suspect) was killed by a pack of Coyotes. So after the Ravens and black crows had finished picking the meat clean off the bones the mice move-in and get their daily dose of iron, and calcium, therefore completing the cycle leaving nothing to waste. So again were these the product of mere Coincidences, Or From Never Proven Evolution??

Forest Fires Caused By Lightning,,,

Have you ever noticed that Most Forest Fires that are (Not Started By Irresponsible Campers) happen in parts of a forest that old trees have all died, and therefore because their roots do not take in and suck up water anymore the soil itself all around them also becomes dry, dead and sand like. Now because mother nature needs salt and energy to remain a vibrant ecosystem for creatures to live in and thrive, it sends down this electricl energy in the form of Lightning to set this dead forest alight, burn it to the grown.

And by doing so it performed many tasks, Firstly it cleared the area in order to let in sunshine. It reduced all the dead trees to this extremely salty ashes, and has inserted thousands, or millions of kilowatts of power into the ground in order to regenerate life. (All Merely Coincidental???) Not likely! Because Mother Earth, and it’s Intelligent Creator Recognizes that (every living organism on earth needs salt & energy to sustain life) when a dead forest is no longer viable for the subsistence of any creatures large or small, it must be regenerated at all costs.

So our creator and Not To Dumb Rocks That Smashed Together decides when, and (Exactly where to strike in order to continue the life cycle. Now if that is Not Intelligent hand at work, i don’t know what is. But what i do know and know for a fact, is that it is not merely just coincidence, yet again.

Be nice to each other. 🙂

to be cont.