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You’re Right as Maybe i should check-it out instead of just giving a rough idea. brother,,, as i only said 767 because i thought that Because A Boeing 707 Was Smaller. And so i thought that as you went up in numbers,,, the Jets were bigger & were able to fly much higher than their predecessor, cause they were (i though) overall bigger.

But i never studied any Airplanes much as you are aware, and saw When i made The Antonov (225 series), mistake taking it out of context on a conversation that my Stepdaughter, and i had about Antonov’s lat Christmas lol, so sorry man because it is my bad, an honest mistake, and just a lack of research.

But in my defense (not excuse( my right hand, and index finger hurts so bad from typing all of these long replies that i get tired of researching all the time, as i always do when it comes to the other Globe and Flat Earth stuff. So the other small details are often not given as much attention as the others are which could end up being bad as people might take me less seriously cause of it. So i guess the small stuff, (that to myself) is not that important, truly is to others if they want to get the whole big picture.

So i will check it out for you, cause now you got me thinking of what type they were using back in the 60’s and early 70’s. Thanks-Again for the info, and correction. 🙂

So I Did Check Before Posting My Comment, and here it is below! And Again, Thanks-Man. So They Were KC-135-A Retrofitted Passenger Jet Airplanes/Aircraft’s that were direct descendants of the Boeing 707 series. They sometimes called them (The Vomit Comet) cause it made many people puke because of their Zero, or Anti-Gravity Capabilities Which is what they were partly designed for, and that was to imitate A Space Environment.