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Hamburger Bob

Hundreds of thousand people die everyday, its not hard to get a bunch of bodies and move them around and then load them up in a freezer truck in front of a hospital by a bunch of Hazmats.
We all know what they’re capable of doing of trying to pull off.

Their ultimate goal is to depopulate, doesn’t it sound silly that they’re so concerned about 7 billion of us and want us to be safe lol…

Since I’m in a state that has such an alarming rate of new cases, I should know of at least 1 person that actually has symptoms.

Trust me, I keep in contact with members of the Gardens Casino and Commerce Casino (L.A.County) and they send out texts to everyone they know as well, asking if they know of anyone who is sick from this, and the answer is still ZERO!!

These are people who are shoulder to shoulder with lots of people in these casinos/card clubs, 95% Asian btw, handling chips that are being passed around, so trust me, I should know of at least one by now and I don’t.

“Ok this person died of a heart attack, this one from liver disease, this one leukemia and this one from natural causes”

“Great, we got 4 more CV victims, get it out there”