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lmao I was so wrong as I read my above contribution. that was literally my last day worked
I caught a cold,deemed a hazard, and was laid off the following Monday

unemployment will cover my rent so all ok for now but I must admit I am getting wee bit stir crazy. I love gardening but I rent so not really wise investment of funds. yesterday I went for a drive and cleaned out my car, in the dark. I pulled the most gnarliest thing from beneath my seat. it didn’t even make it to trash can, dropped it on ground and it stank

I went to other side of car and continued on. I then went back to check out the gnarly. it looked like decomposing hamburger bun and I don’t eat like that in car so it truly was wtf moment.

I then used empty water bottle to like roll it over and immediately saw remnants of a stalk. it was lil baby pumpkin I stole off my cousins porch MONTHS ago 🙁