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That is quite fucked-up to say the very least man.
Very Well said Bob, my good man & awesome B G Bro. And Thanks & so very much for sharing your True Story With Us All, as it is of Paramount-Importance that we stick together during this “Either Real”, or Simply just Made-Up to look Worse Than It Really is Corona Virus.

Cause if we try to gather as much information as we can, we, together can hopefully get to the bottom of this unusually Weird Crisis-Virus, or Pandemic.
And (as you said, & said well, might i add) that it seems that we are either short on Real Patients that are not already Half Dead Cause they are Either 95 Years-Old And already have underlying health problems ranging from Lung Tumors the Size of Grapefruits, or that are Coughing-Out Oysters from Years of Reoccurring Pneumonia’s that have damaged their lungs so much that without a ventilator would die from just catching a common cold.

So where are all of these Almost, or Completely Invisible Bed-Ridden, And Dying,,, Corona-Virus Patients ??? Cause most of Ottawa’s Corona-Virus Patients are recovering well at home, and are back to leading normal lives. And the rest (that i know, or am aware of) are ones that were already “Very Very Sick” to begin, and had such a
depleted immune system that a common cold would do them in, and rather quickly might i add.
So they keep-on drilling into our heads that oh,,, 2 more patients were put on ventilators today, and are in serious condition, failing to mention that they had severely depleted immune systems. And of course they are part of the growing numbers Repeated, & Listed on Ottawa’s C.B.C.’s 6 P.M. Nightly News Corona-Virus Detailed List. And By it being repeated over, and over, to try and freak us Da-Fuck-Out, i’m sure that more people are dying from stress related heart-attacks which i’m sure would be part of their list, as it was part of, and indirectly Corona-Virus Related in a sense,,, No??? They give us (These Numbers) but they utterly, & completely refuse to tell us how many Corona-Virus Patients are in which Hospitals so we could then Really Check-It out for our very own selves, and see if there are really all of these patients Dying In one (1) Our 6 Big Ottawa Hospitals.

But Oddly Enough,,, 2 of our many dedicated, and brave Hospital Workers have “Somehow Caught” this Virus, either at home, or elsewhere cause they cannot trace it back to the 2 Different Hospitals that they both worked at themselves. One (1) was at the Ottawa Montfort Hospital,,, and the second one was at the Ottawa Hospital’s
Civic Campus which 3 of our Ottawa Hospitals are Teaching Hospitals that are Associated with Ottawa University. So they have contacted this Corona-Virus from god knows where yet,,, Go-Figure!