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Lord Wankdust

Flirt about smoking pot all you like. Maybe one day we’ll find a way for you to send me a bud or two! Sweet memories! I’d love to roll a fat one right now! Good luck with the Brookies. They are different from Brownies and rare to find in Scotland.. but… I used to hike up to Lochan an Eireannaich (Gaelic “little loch of the Irishmen”)near Aberfoyle with my late brother to fish for Brookies. At the end of the 18th Century it was stocked with American Brook Trout by the local landowner. Quite a hike to get there and only one small stream flows into it but it is enough for them to spawn. A trickle dribbles out. Still holds a head of Brookies to this day.

I took this photo on the way up there about 8 years back. There’s a ghost at Rob Roy’s Putting Stone..

Lochan Eireannaich

Anyway- on with today’s joke-du-jour….

What is blue and doesn’t fit?

A dead epileptic.