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Lord Wankdust

The horror. My late brother and I were Perch fishing at that loch en-route to visit my parents about 8 years back. A crowd of young locals were drinking and carrying on (they had lines in the water too) a little ways along from us. I kinda wide-berthed them through some woodland above the loch shoreline to get to the narrows which are great for Pike trawling with lures. I stopped by a big stone to get myself tackled-up and nearly fucking put my tackle bag down on that brownie. I swear there was still steam coming off the fucker. It was impossible NOT to photograph. It was an immense pile. And the I actually suspected that it was a collaboration between two (or maybe three) digestive systems. A kind of communal marking spot for the local youth of Coylton. A friend made me the commemorative map design. My brother and I printed up a colour copy, laminated it and nailed it to a board on a nearby fence. It is probably still there.