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Hamburger Bob

I’ve been to the tar pits, but never there nor Universal Studios.
Pretty much been everywhere else.

I’ve always been fascinated with what’s above us.
Thought about getting a top of the line telescope and camera so I can capture stuff, oh and I’ve seen stuff.

May 8th 2018 around 12:40pm, there was an almost rainbow like ring around the sun, caused from alluminum aerosol spraying that they were doing all day and tried to take a picture of it with my phone, but it just comes out as a big bright light and can’t see the ring.

So I kept pointing my camera at the outer ring trying to get an angled picture that might get enough of the ring without getting flashed out by the sunlight. Didn’t work, still too bright, even though the sun was a little dimmed by the layer of already feathered out chemsprays.

That’s when I saw about 6-8 bright star-like objects moving outward from the outer ring, moving downward, then about 10 more started to appear. I no longer thought they were balloons, stars or meteor showers, these were moving in formation, they move in one big ✔ pattern.

They didn’t fly away like birds would do, these went straight up to where you couldn’t see them anymore. They just kept fading and fading away to where you had to quickly look away and look back at them to regain focus, otherwise they’d blend in if you stared too long in one spot.

There ended up being at least 30 of them moving North just under the ring and all ended up along the edge of the clouds. I’ve seen videos of these from Mexico, but now that I have seen them myself with my own eyes, I know they’re officially real
and know those Mexican videos weren’t doctored up.

There’s all these debates about dinosaurs and flat/spherical earth and other conspiracies, but I know these are real now, always knew they were, but it’s cool when you actually see it and know it’s real and no-one can tell you different or take that away from you.

Was pretty damn nerve-wracking though, you’d start to wonder if they were gonna to get closer and closer.
That’s as close as I’d ever wanna get to those, I didn’t like fear that came over me and that feeling of uncertainty, especially with that many.
I guess that’s a normal first time feeling for seeing something that most people don’t even believe exist or have been completely lied to about.

I’ve been very, very careful on who I told this to because people are fucking idiots and would be quick to judge, but since most of the people in the world are acting like a bunch of fucking brainwashed retards right now, I don’t give a shit, so fuck it, Lisa, we’re not alone.
Just keep checking out our skies often like I do and you’ll see one/some eventually because now that you know that a whole school of them exist, that means many more opportunities to see them.