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@Vincit Omnia Veritas

Now this might sound totally off the wall to you Mark, (as many of my write-ups usually do, lol) but this one is unlike many of my other comments/thoughts. So Please Mark Give-It A Read Brother, *(Cause I Would Love To Hear What You Think Of This)* So Again,,,Please Hear Me Out, and let me know if it makes any sense to you Whatsoever.

When this Corona-Virus first started in China,, i thought to myself that it was *The Jews* that were responsible for developing, or creating this Disease to begin with in order to Fuck The Chinese. And i say this because they have been putting lots of Pressure on The Jewmurican-Zionist to pay-up knowing darn well that they (These Same Dirty-Jews) Liquidated/Drained any, and all Of The American Assets, and Stole all of their Gold & Silver. Now since China knows that all that is left is their worthless greenback, they want Hard-Assets and now, like real-estates and good high paying jobs in lieu of (the interest payments) so it looks good on them, those Jews as that is how they made their Trillions by ripping us off with the compounded interest that they have been fucking us with forever.

Now the Jews (I Honestly Think) have been threatening China with Violence and Telling them to back-off as the American Citizens are, And have been waking-up for quite some time to all of this shit, and because they are pissed at the Jews knowing damn well that they are solely responsible for their demise, (The Jews) they had to do something desperate to appease the American public cause seizing their guns was just not going to work or happen. so they blasted China With this Corona-Virus which btw different versions, or strains of Corona Type Viruses have been around for decades. And oddly enough, it took them almost no time to make a vaccine for it.

The Swine Flu,,, The Sars outbreak, were all Corona-Type-Related-viruses. And Notice how as soon as this news came-out, they quickly changed the name from Corona-Virus To the Covid-19 Name instead?? Does that not remind you of other times when the Jews Did Exactly that?? Remember I.S.I.S was changed, and rather quickly when you started calling-it The Israeli Security Intelligence Soldiers, or the like, lol (I Know That I Did Not Get That Right) but I’m sure that you get the just of it. It is their trademark those fuckers, that if anything, even remotely sounds bad, and can make them Look Bad They Simply/Quickly Change-it. Those fuckers.

Quick Side Note,,,
The U.S. debt to China was $1.09 trillion through February 2020.

#1- Now the U.S. Under much pressure from China have been giving them huge Infrastructure Contracts to fix bridges, roads, and the like. The American Construction Association, and their Unions are pissed at this.

#2- They have given China, and keep giving them (In Lieu of Interest Payments,) These Large parcels of Land. So much in fact that they now secretly, or semi-secretly own a shitload of american land that they are developing and moving into. Below is a write-up from,,,

China Owns Half of U.S. Land That Was Given As Debt Payment …
Nov 20, 2015 · Could real estate on American soil owned by China be set up as “development zones” in which the communist nation could establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S …

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Author: Fighters Of The Founders

US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property
Dot #11 Billions of worthless U.S. Government “bailout” debit entries are given to bolster failing U.S. Banks. These are “worthless” because China now controls most of the U.S. “REAL” wealth in the form of gold and silver. China refuses to continue investing credit loans to the U.S. Treasury.

What do you think Mark, could they have done this target China With This Pandemic, or is the whole Corona-Virus Simply Another Jewish Led Scam aimed to Scare The Chinese Into Backing-Off??? And Because this virus attacks mostly the elderly, and China does have a large population of Elderly and the fact that they are really close to them, this would scare the shit out of them no?? i mean They take very good care of them, & right up until their deaths, Unlike here in Canada where we are quick to throw them out, and into a nursing home if they happen to have one incident and piss the bed. Fucking-Shameful if you think about-it, no??