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Lord Wankdust

@illegalsmile55 I thought you might like this… My old pal over on the West Coast of Scotland was reminding me of a great day out we had 30 years ago back in June 1990 in Glasgow. It was called “The Big Day” and the city was transformed with four BIG FREE venues being set up in the open air for dozens of really quite acceptable bands to perform on.
One we wandered down to was an semi-acousticky stage on the Clyde. Hugh Reid and The Velvet Underpants blew the River Detectives (or was it the Wild River Apples?) off the stage by driving a lorry loaded with amps up next to their acoustic performance and blowing them away.
Then Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant played this song with the Braggster. “Hello In There” by John Prine. Me and my pal are in the audience somewhere!

Hey ***Dre**** … I have just RealiseD that this isn’t a John Prine song at all. It is a DaviD BowiE ***song*** which he wrote with Iggy Pop for the film “Die Harder One”. Which was made by )))Quentin Taratino((( and starred Arnold Swartzernegro, Lucille Ball and May West. It was released in Black & White and won an Oscar for the best dressed lady-in-a-film that year in 1944.