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My governor’s not much better…

But then again, should it be of any surprise, that the powers that be, want to marginalize the masses?

Their interest, is not educating you on building up your immune system. Nor is it in their interest, in keeping you at peace with yourself and others.

By keeping the masses in a constant state of calamity, is where these bastards operate best. Whether it’s working you 80 hours a week at a shitty job, or creating inflation as a tax on the middle class, prosperity is furthest from their minds.

This latest scamdemic, is only the tip of the iceberg. Remember the Boston Bombings of 2013? It’s simply a way of marginalizing the public even further.

Get your courage and integrity guns out people. (and be prepared to be on a lot of coward’s shitlist)

You’re gonna need it!

btw: If this virus was really deadly, I’d be looking towards the 1% for the safe vaccine.

Anthrax attack after 911?