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Lord Wankdust

Absolutely fuucking right! Well spotted Lesbo-Sleuth. The minute I started the clip… the stench of Crab-Meat and Oyster Sauce came oozing out of my Desktop Speakers like a sun-warmed bank of seaweed on a rising tide. I could actually hear Herring Gulls, Kittiwakes, Terns and Guillemots circling somewhere. Watch the clip again and it is easy to see them getting juiced up, their minges frothing and dripping like a string bag of fresh Calamari on a sunny day.

This was back in 2012 and this pair of Kipper-Lickers were too busy slurping out one another’s Lobster Traps 24/7 to notice when they were meant to be on air. They were only doing the slurping when they weren’t rubbing each other’s Fishy Muffs with their Perky Tits and whistling KD Lang songs. They’d be elbow-deep fisting each other’s Pink Snappers in their dressing room before the the advert break had finished, their hands sliming in and out of their Smooth Shiny Growlers like well-greased Ham Pistons.

The Blonde Lickalotapus is fingering herself for the first fifteen seconds (just watch it and look where her hands are!). The Splinge Raven (dark haired one) takes a little longer to come onstream and get her Blart Juices dripping (this is because she has to start reporting the Weather or something). However, her Fish Vent quickly warms up and Splinge Raven actually tries to cop a feel of Lickalotapus’s wee tits at 0.50 but quickly manages to get her Quim Fever under control. The subsequent picnic of Haddock Pasties they enjoyed in their dressing room could be smelt throughout the K-10 Building. The building was fumigated a number of times before it eventually dissipated during a windy weekend when all the windows were left open and cleaning staff used industrial quantities of Shake & Vac.

The pair had a horny couple of years dining on each other’s Sushi and Lesidue (derived from “Lessie Dew”) but in 2014 when rumours started about their Seafood Diet, sensible shoes and their love of Ladies Golf they decided to call it quits. Cathy Evans (the Blonde Lickalotapus) actually found herself a male “Beard” to marry and provide camouflage & cover for her Lesbocity. Erin Conrad (Splinge Raven) continues to feast on Kippers and dine at the Y to this very day.

This was their very public goodbye. You can smell the Lobster Bisque.