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Sorry to hear about your dad mate.
I lost mine in march last year [2019]. He was present all my life, but we had a very complicated relationship. Although love both ways never wained, and was never a question.
Havent “got over” it as such. Any and all memories of Dad, good or bad, I could just not face – or even consider at first when it happened. The good memories hurt worse than the bad. Just went into autopilot sorting the funeral, his contracts, dealings, etc. and of course comforting mum. Its a cliche yes… but i felt guilt for and happiness of even brief cheerfulness for any reason.
All i can say now is, the memories have become less as painful as time goes on. Those same memories became easier to face…and it, over time, came to a point where my own reminiscence of all those memories I can enjoy, celebrate, and raise a laugh or smile to myself… without any guilt at the happiness i feel.

From the paragraph that you typed describing him, and from the many things you’ve told us about your lifestyle and pursuits, it is obvious that your father made a huge positive impression on your life.
In that respect, you are very lucky.
I hope your dad now rests in peace. And my thoughts are with you