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You know, when the fart earth debate started I tried to joke things off, like you do, to try and de-escalate the conversation but the real problem started when svarg got involved. He very deliberately would wind Andre up and when Andre realized he had a brother-in-arms with his fart earth, his comments began to get nasty, just like svarg’s in fact. He began to act like svarg, and not his former fun self. Once that genie was out of the bottle, it only escalated and he couldn’t seem to stop himself. Andre is on some really heavy medications, opioid and otherwise and it can really fuck with your mind and memory. I’m speaking from experience, not out of my ass. This was even mentioned to him by Karmen, one of his ‘real friends’, but Andre even drove him off and lost him as a friend too. He is his own downfall, and honestly I despise him and wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. He has, and continues to lie about me and talk shit about me, so all I can do is give it right back…I don’t lie about him, but could easily be persuaded to if he doesn’t stop his shit with me. I have to say once again, none of us cares what he believes, we really don’t! This is isn’t what it’s about, it’s about his behavior towards us, his lies, his bullying. He isn’t the same person he used to be, and that’s on him. I do not need you to reply, as I seriously don’t want him starting in on you too. I just needed to say this. AND I wish he would go back to the way he was before he lost his shit.