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I have to tell you that you are wrong about what “alienated and pissed us off”, it was NOT his fart earth beliefs, or his posting 9 million videos over and over and tagging us… it was the nasty and horrible things he said to, and about us because of HIS anger that we would not humor him and say we believe in fart earth. I want to make this clear, HE started the name calling and lying about people. Would you like it if I posted on here that you had been arrested for sucking a little boys penis? Exactly. You wouldn’t.(I’m assuming here :P) THAT is what started the drama, and it was him who said it. I don’t have the energy to find it, but believe me, it was him. You notice he is the one who doesn’t stop either. God help me, I forgave him numerous times and treated him like I has always done before the fart earth shit, but as soon as shit would settle down, he would post some video, call Nem and I dirty shit and then he would sit and wait, like a fucking spider to see who would enter his web. I believe is he said to you what he said to us, you would feel the same way.
My belief is after his vacation with Mark, he believed he was untouchable on the site, he could conduct himself in the vilest ways and be assured he would not get moderated because he organized fund raisers for mark and sent money to Mark. He has even threatened Mark on here, he told Mark if he did not respond to him (dreno) that he would not be sending any more money to him. REALLY!! He of course deleted it, or Mark did…but nevertheless, he thinks he is king shit of turd mtn around here. smh. I’m so done with this shit….