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As a bit of backstory for those abroad, not sure if All in the Family made it out of the states, here is lyrics to theme song

Boy, the way Glenn Miller played
songs that made the hit parade
Guys like me we had it made
Those were the days
Didn’t need no welfare state
ev’rybody pulled his weight
gee our old LaSalle ran great
Those were the days
And you knew who you were then
girls were girls and men were men
Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again
People seemed to be content
fifty dollars paid the rent
freaks were in a circus tent
Those were the days
Take a little Sunday spin
go to watch the Dodgers win
Have yourself a dandy day
that cost you under a fin
Hair was short and skirts were long
Kate Smith really sold a song
I don’t know just what went wrong
those were the days

Prompted me to look up Kate Smith, then of course was led to her stirring rendition of God Bless America .doh! But comical bonus as soon was revealed another hit “Thats Why Darkies Were Born” lmao