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Ok. I was being half-malicious as I was jealous of strychnine and wanted to be young and as good looking as him. He may be straight. Who knows?

I haven’t seen the vid yet . Heavy bad she was carrying? A bag of rocks she purposefully took with her to weigh her down to the bottom ?

She may have had noone to leave her child with. Fucked up lifestyle ,lesbian with no girlfriend ,who is she going to leave the kid with? In her drug- induced and/or insane mind ,she simply took him with her with no real plan in mind or he was to die as well. She left him in the boat without a life jacket? Stupid? Why go swimming with the child without a lifejacket? My take ? She was going to kill him too and at the last moment put himback in the boat without the kid knowing there was more than just swimming with mum .

Apparently ,they had been there many times ,so to me she knew what is what .Didn’t water police see her without a lifejacket? Or was it jetski who saw her? She was damaged, never should have had a child.