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Lord Wankdust

Here in Bonnie Scotland we have the world’s 3rd largest whirpool – The Corryvreckan. It is really something. The whirlpool is created by a 200 foot spur of rock projecting up from the sea bed in the narrow strait between the islands of Scarba and Jura. The incoming North Atlantic tides must get past it and it creates massive swells, the sea flows like a river and an enormous whirlpool forms. The noise is like a very loud, throbbing roar! The little straits between all the islands in the area are affected. Even thirty miles north the force of the incoming and outgoing tides on the River Etive and Loch Etive create the only tidal waterfalls in Britain. The Falls of Lora. Amazing to watch.

I used to holiday at a house right next to the bridge in this clip! The view was incredible. I’d never see a fully grown Atlantic Seal firing itself clean out of the water and becoming airborne!