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I think the crows were the managers.
Crows are wicked smart. I rescued one that had gotten stuck in a lobster trap that was on a float in the harbor. He had gone in to grab something in “the bedroom” and couldn’t get back out. As soon as I opened the trap he flew out but was so weak or something that he landed on the water about 25 feet away and almost immediately a couple of seagulls flew in to attack him. I HATE SEAGULLS! So I cried to the captain and he ran the boat over to the crow so I could rescue him again. I got him in the boat and offered him water and part of my peanut butter sammich that he had no interest in. The whole time this is happening, another crow was flying around us and watching the whole thing and I guess it was it’s mate. That crow stayed on the boat for about 30 minutes and when we got really close to the shore he/she flew out and got to land with the other crow right behind him. I found a dead and mummified blue jay in my roommates lobster trap out in the yard one spring. He died right next to the shell of the peanut he had apparently accidentally dropped in there, had gone in to retrieve, but never got back out. Not a fan of the blue jays either…they are bully birds and chase off all the little birds who come to my feeders.