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Empty soul


Yeah. This just a political ploy. She is speaking to her voter base whom she knows views everything through a racially charged, identity driven lens.

The Democratic Party is relying on votes from two fronts this coming election, the white far-left and the “people of colour”.

They know the right-wing won’t vote for them. They know that they have lost the political centre ground to Trump due to the BLM race riots being allowed to continue and flourish in every DP held city and so they know it is pointless trying to play to these groups which is why they are now doubling down on far-left/BLM rhetoric right before the upcoming election.

If the Democratic Party sounds unhinged its because their voter base is and they’re mirroring them out of self-preservation. The Labour Party did the exact same thing in Britain and they lost by a landslide due to all the sane people abandoning them in droves.

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

-Marcus Aurelius

Britain and America tends to mimic each other politically I find. The last time was when we voted Brexit and the Americans voted Trump within the same year and since Britain has just told the crazy left to fuck off I expect the Americans will do the same too and Trump will win again because nobody wants to live in a far-left/Antifa/BLM pit of hell. Not even the Trump hating centre-left do. A lot of people then are going to be holding their noses and voting Republican this time.