@thedre yup, haven’t heard anything else from that new guy. As for the meat issue, they are planning on doing away with meat. They want us to eat all plants. That’s why you keep hearing about workers at the meat plans getting the virus. They are setting it up now.

They are going to blame the virus on people eating animals. The virus came from a meat market in China remember? So, they created this fake world wide pandemic and it came from a meat market in China. They are going to say, we can’t eat meat anymore guys, because it is too dangerous. Eating meat caused a worldwide pandemic. They are also going to ban us from going into the woods/nature because the animals are out there and they have viruses. It’s all part of agenda 21/2030 United Nations sustainable development.

For years they have been saying that meat is an inefficient source of calories because of the amount of crops we have to grow to feed the animals. Because of peak oil, they want our food production to be as efficient as possible.

Instead of growing crops and feeding it to the animals to produce meat, they just want to feed us the crops because when you feed the animals the crops to get meat, you end up with less calories. You have produced more calories per barrel of oil if you just eat the plants instead of losing calories when you feed it too the animals.

So Andre, you need to stock up on cans of meat. Get as many as you can. Get cans of spam, you can fry spam, dice it up in little cubes and put it in the rice. Soup base powder for the rice for flavour. Buy Puritan cans of meatballs.

Buy cans of maple leaf flakes of chicken, flakes of ham, flakes of turkey.

Get a lot of different varieties of pasta. It’s cheap at the superstore. Get the no name brand in the yellow bag, you’ll get the most pasta per dollar that way. Cans of chunky soup, chicken corn chowder is the best. You can make a plate of rice or pasta and dump a can of chunky soup on top for a meal. Cans of beans, hot dogs to go with the beans, fill your deep freeze. Cans of chilli, cans of wedding bell soup, I recommend it, it’s tasty. If you want to have bread, then buy a lot of flour and jars of yeast so you can bake loaves at home.

Buy hundreds of cans of food, they are going to try and starve us on purpose so we will submit to the new system. Buy one can of each thing first and try them all to see what you like the best before buying hundreds of cans. Because once you buy it, that’s what you’re going to be eating.

For your bulk food, get a shitload of rice and pasta. Get boxes of powder potato flakes. Buy packets of gravy powder for the potatoes. Buy packets of alfredo powder sauce for the pasta. In the same isle where you buy the packets of alfredo powder, there are all kinds of other packets of powder to make different sauces that are good such as three cheese for your pasta etc.

Get oatmeal for breakfast. Buy a lot of cinnamon and big bags of sugar for your oatmeal in the morning.

You can even buy cans of pie filling and put it on top of the oatmeal for a dessert. Apple, blubbery, cherry cans of pie filling for something sweet. Buy cans of pears, peaches, fruit cocktail. Buy cans of corn, peas, carrots for the rice.

You could even start a chicken coup in your backyard for meat and eggs.

Do it right away before the panic buying starts again because they will start limiting the amount of shit you can buy once everyone starts freaking out.