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Hey Bob, i knew that yourself, and @TheProtocolsOfZion would end-up here.

I’m not sure my good brother as they seam to be commenting on everything else but on these forum pages and discussing it, no bro??

I Say this only because not so many years ago, you could not get people off of these important Forum-Pages, with sometimes 230 comments Showing up on them in only 1 OR 2 Days of being posted. And the Discussions, well they Sometimes even Lasted A Few Days To a Week, especially if it was something as significant as this real life changing event, and huge lie.

It just seams to me that people (many of them) just do not give two fucks anymore about these incredibly important, real Life Changing/Threatening Global-Events. And because it is a direct threat to our, and our Children’s future, and even lives, we should all be exchanging comments, and ideas in order to better prepare ourselves,,, spread the facts, and try to help out in any way we can,, no??

So did you watch the video yet Bob,,, & if so what did you think of it?? Mind-Blowing scary shit eh? 🙁