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Lord Wankdust

@jack-doe Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. Listen Jackie – boy. You are among friends here. You are zooming in waaay too close there. This kinda shit is vomit-inducing and the kinda stuff which prevents even me from getting any kind of regular erections for weeks after just reading about it. And I have a proud Scottish Basalt Throbulous.
You don’t wanna converse with the kinda brown floaters that bob in this kinda sewage. You want to avoid it. Screenshotting that kinda conversation and a photo from that kinda girl would mean your phone would be toxic forever. Even just thinking yourself into that zone of jizz, turds, incest and arse-grease would reduce your life expectancy substantially and cause you to develop cock rot and a sickness in your anus. Or make you want to dress in a shitty diaper and fuck baby Pangolins or something.

Jackie… you are getting too close to the Drop Zone and Ground Zero. Back away. The Gods have intervened and rolled you “no dice” for a reason. You are lucky.