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Hamburger Bob

It sounds like you stayed along the coast or cruised through coastal cities via 101/ Pacific Coast Highway, missing the Blacks and Mexicans, but if you drove on the freeways in SF or through LA, total shit landscapes with tons of tagging/graffiti to go with it.

Next time you come out, let me know and I’ll tell you where you can see lots of Blacks, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Mexican..restaurants.

I’m not sure why you saw so many people wearing masks just walking up the street, maybe dickhead LA mayor Garcetti made them mandatory, or which ever Mayor of the city you saw these sad idiots wearing them in and playing dodge and shit….

Now you see why I’m shaking my head at so many retards over here.
Their stupidity just amazes me.
Maybe they should see this video.

All in all, hope you had fun.
It sucks that those fires were happening.
I love those Northern Cali redwoods and forests, I would’ve been bummed out about that part.