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Lord Wankdust

@devirginizer I would rather eat a delicious plate of my Paprika’d Beef with Stilton Potato Cakes and Gingered Carrots. While I ate I could maybe rest my lovely knob between the wife and the mother’s double chins but I don’t think it would get purple-headed or even slightly throbby. They will both have fanny’s like a rip in a werewolf’s skin or a mouldy guardsman’s hat and the promise (from each) of a Guatamalan Taco* wouldn’t even raise a smile with me.

* Guatamalan Taco (noun) see also Cleveland Steamer, Alabama Hot Pocket, Broxburn Steak Bake, Winchester Creamed Burrito, Kennebunkport Brown Salad, Delaware Salsa Wrap, Montreal Flatbread Scorcher, Brisbane Cavity Wall Cheeseboy, Birmingham Fudge Calzone, Crimped Foreman Chocolate Pocket, Weehawken Salad Waffle, etc. etc. etc.