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Hi brother.
Everything that you have mentioned above were incredibly good points. And i say this cause i don’t think that out of the now just a little over 1 Billion people that now know this truth have all at one point in their lives myself included) have all asked themselves these exact same questions. And it was when they began truly, while remaining completely unbiased while doing-so started comparing the 2 and coming to realize that the Flat-Earth makes much more sense, and is provable with mounds of experimented-on evidences. When on the other hand when to try to investigate and prove the existence of a Globular-Earth with experiments,,, They All Fail, and fail miserably. And that it because it (The Globe-Earth Theory) has always been based on mere speculation, and Theories but never proven, any of it.
And you as well brother cock-carousel Take Care Man! 🙂