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I wonder how early she had to get up to pull those pants on. 😛

In my opinion…the same could be said for men who always pick out women who think they are the shit because they are extremely beautiful or have a great body; they usually think they are a prize and find men who think the same about them. Usually way out of their league…but the man’s ego makes them believe that the women wants them and when the strumpet fucks them over they don’t understand it was THEIR choice in picking THAT woman. Just like above. I have male friends who are always chasing super beautiful women and can’t comprehend why the gals give them no notice…they then say the girl is a whore or whatever slam they can think of, because their little ego won’t let them believe that maybe the gal isn’t interested in dating someone they are not physically attracted to. Do men want to date an unattractive woman if he believes himself to be super handsome??? Not usually. Of course there exceptions to the rule…Personally, I have always been attracted to ‘quirky’ looking guys but could easily date guys who are better looking… but why deal with vain assholes. Men can be cunts too.