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Lord Wankdust

I used Pi to calculate the area of your city Despy. Easy peasy because Area (A) = π × r2 (Pi x radius squared)
But I don’t know the fucking radius of Despy’s weird miniature Police State City. But she HAS told me the Circumference.
The Circumference is equal to 2 multiplied by Pi multiplied by the radius.
(C= 2 x π x r).
Circumference of Pig City is 4800 metres according to Despy.
4800m = 2 x 3.14 x ? (what the fuck is the radius of Despy’s miniature city?)

Easy peasy
4800 = 6.28 x 764.33m

    So the radius of Despy’s circular city is 763.33 metres. That is VERY small. I am beginning to doubt that Despy lives in a city.

    All well and good. Now we can work out the area of Despy’s Lego City.
    Area (A) = π × r2
    Area = 3.14 x 764.33 squared
    Area = 3.14 x 584,200
    Area = 1,834,389 square metres. Now if we think of that as a square shaped city it will be 1,354 metres along each side.

    Now with the 19 Police vehicles Despy has told us about that means that there is one Cop Wagon for every 96,546 square metres. Or one cop car per 310 metre by 310 metre square.

    That is quite a high density of Cop Wagon coverage in your City Despy. At that rate there can be no crime or traffic violations. You are under heavy manners.

    Glad to help.