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Lord Wankdust

I have been visited by a strange bird.

It originally appeared to myself and my brother in two locations about a hundred miles and one year apart. It was not any kind of bird of the UK or Europe/ North Amerika we were aware of. We had both been bird spotters and outdoorsmen / fishermen all our lives. We knew our birds. It was as large as a Crow but was not a Crow. It made strange sounds. It disappeared behind rocks or branches when we got a camera out.

The second time it appeared to us was precisely when we were discussing the first time we saw it the year or so before. There was the weird call from the Beech Trees above us and there it was! We were 100 miles or so from the previous location. We didn’t think it was the same species of bird… we were certain it was the actual SAME BIRD. It had character

My brother died a few months later of a very aggressive cancer. There were other odd and strange occurrences during that last year we were fishing together before his cancer struck. Nothing like them had ever happened before.