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@HopingForNemesis & @illegalsmile55

Women are better at hiding things, like for example where they are looking, as they truly are perfectionists in this area.
Women also (for the most part) do not talk dirty all the time like us guys do, but trust me they think it, and quite often lol. I Have had Girls/Women look down at me package when i was a younger well built, and incredibly good looking.

And when i wore tighter jeans, or shorts in my late teens, holy-shit did i get looks. The trick for me was to always wear dark shades so they could not tell where i was looking, lol, and let me tell you that it works well Nemes when you keep your head straight and turn your eyes only.

So when it would happen like on a bus, or somewhere where we would be together for like 15 minutes or more, i would purposefully think dirty thoughts and give myself a semi hard-on, and turn her way making it look like i was uncomfortable so i had to change my seating arrangements.

Then i would pull my ass back in the seat and stick it out ever so slightly. I’m sure when she got home she masturbated like a raging bull, cause at around 18 or 19
years of age i certainly did when i got home and started thinking about her. Honesty is a killer isn’t it brother? lol

And I’m sure that our good sisters Lisa, or @illegalsmile55,, @lady-lexis,, & @despy would agree, or partially agree that they do in fact look like we do, they are just more secret about it than we guys are, (when they want to be) that is, lol. 🙂

And Lisa you made me crack-up, and hard, as that was fucking funny when you said that you would stare like you would at a parasitic twin, and then you would run, bwa ha,ha! God-Man You Are funny Girl. 😉

As for the video, i dunno if more were made Nemes, i just looked that one up for @lady-lexis after she posted her funny dude one, lol. 🙂