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Question for you all since we are on the Sex Topic, lol. This will be good.
What strange items have you used to masturbate with in your younger days??

I Used a big long & fat banana once to finish off one of my exes, when i was in my early twenties.
I was so, so fucking drunk that i could not keep it up, but she after 2 bottles of wine all that she wanted to do was to fuck, and fuck some more & big-time. So out came the banana from the kitchen Counter and i let her rip t’ill she squirted all over (her side of the bed) of course carefully lifting and moving her ass over, lol. But i was so happy afterwards as i could finally get some much needed sleep, lol.

I once as a stupid teenager jerked-off in the shower using the ivory hand-soap, and burned the skin right off of my cock. Man,,, it was one of the most painful ordeals that i have had to go through in my life. My cock actually peeled for 2 full weeks like it had gotten a bad sunburn, lol.

I Once heard that this young teenage girl had used a wiener to fuck herself with and when she came she tightened-up so much that she tore Oscar Myers in half. So the wiener went bye-bye up inside the debts of her holiest of holes. About a week later she started to notice this stench coming out of her snatch, and only then did she remember the half a wiener that was still inside of her pussy rotting away. And to add insult to injury she developed these sharp pains inside of her as she had gotten what some doctors refer to as *Oscar Myers Syndrome* an infection deep inside her vagina that usually only affect girls reaching puberty. True Story, or Not I Dunno, lol. 😉