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That was a great recording and i never knew of it. I wondernif it is one of the secret tapes that Nixon himself instituted ? Or it could be one of the known tapes that the white house makes or maybe a secret tape of all in the white house that the cia and fbi made(similar to what nSa has been doing on americans and all of us illegaly).

In any case , i didn’t know of a publicised call of the israelis to kick out the christians at that time nor that it kicked up a fuss in political circles. I know well it has always been Israeli policy to get rid of christians but this event seems like it was in the papers etc Was it after the israel 1973 war when israel practically had its arse handed to them? I wonder. Do you know the date?

Israel and Zionists rabibly take over and expel Christians in Israel to this day and noone says a thing ,especially weak ,sneaky america. the Israeli Parliament is built on Greek Orthodox land in Israel and they pay rent to the Patriarch for it but there is no intention of ever giving it back. president macron himself got into a fistfight with his israeli handlers and soldiers etc when visiting a sovereign French Catholic building in Israel only last year ,as the Jews were being too high and mighty and trying to block his access to the building.

Last year as always there has been a spate of bashings of Priests almost to death with cases never solved. The icing on the cake is the Israelis almost successfully poisoned a Church leader just within last year. Fuck the navalny case ! Yet this Christian got no airtime anywhere because zionists -both Christian and Jewish -have american and thus world media by the balls.

All Americans know Bobbie Kennedy was assassinated and some even know he was by a Palestinian, but all think he was a moslem. He was a christian and he assassinated The President as a protest against Israel taking away Christian land and America doing nothing at the time and even being allies ! This was 1968 just years before your recording of above. The assassin was right all along!
Ok. The above is the official story and now it seems Sirhan Sirhan was a patsy but anyway….

Israel and Zionists have a vested interest in makng out they are victims and that their Holocaust was special. It wasn’t. It was no big deal. Mucg worse has happened to other in history and many more times .I could go on and on and name them and prove the point but i won’t as i have in previous writings here anyway.

Suffice it to say that there are many Jews in Europe today but precious few Christians in the Middle East which all must remember was their NATIVE LAND. Christianity was not just in Europe . In fact ,Christianity started and was most strong in the Middle East where the MOSLEMS and JEWs now are after pushing the Christians out (or killing them or forcefully Islamicising Or Judaicising them).

How many people know ,Yemen and much of Arabia was a Christian Country BEFORE the Moslems ever got there? How many people know that Jews butchered all Christians there within the century before the Moslems got there? Precious few.

Nothing will change unless the average Euro/uk Natoist or Yank know nothing about these things , and simply swallows the line of helping Israel and us helping moslems ie ISIS is good because “assad has to go”. Fuck off!