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This girl. I snapped this girls pic for sole purpose of implying it was me kayaking out to Turnip Rock. Hair is way too light but you all would never know . It was not my conscious that put kabash on that plan, it was me zooming in later discovering she is rather large. can’t have that 😉

So no we paid $50 to hop on a boat and get guided tour. Omg and so glad we did! It was 20 minutes full throttle to even reach it. It was just us on the boat and really fun, great weather too! Captain was fun! Doubled as sheriff in neighboring town. I would never want to meet up with him under any other circumstances, you could tell he was power hungry prick, but in this instance he was a blast! He got my humor too ,which I appreciated. He then asked me if I wanted to be a rockstar (har har). Pulled up to this flat adjacent boulder and let my sister take my picture. It was funny to listen to kayakers shout from the water that he was ditching me. I let them have their fun as I knew tomorrow I would be only one of them feeling my arms

Seriously that was quite the journey, you have to jet out to area you cant even see land before curving back in. Nearly 3 miles. I wouldn’t mind kayaking for that length of time but not to a specific destination with timeframe. Captain said many times he ends up hauling people back while towing their kayaks. Charges $75 for that. Nice guy..