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Not sure how in the hell he does it or why he even wants to. Just kidding!..

I think they balance one another. She is handful . Very high strung. He is very low key. I honestly didn’t start to pal around with her until after she got married. I could not take her, even now she really gets under my skin, but not as much. Same intensity, less frequency

I talk alot of shit about her but she can be so damn dumb.

Ok I thought of something. We set off into town. Until you hit main road there is windy dirt road. Very random there is even a car. There are a couple RV parks and few random houses. It seems anyone who doesnt walk travels by golf cart. I think it is hillbilly hip, absolutely unnecessary but fairly popular and only real place to travel is to neighbor or that bar

So I pull out onto road , round corner and there is golfcart in front of me. Sorry I know you probably deal not in km but it was going like 6mph. They cannot do much more than that. Not only that there are 5 people packed on it so 3 people are riding in back facing us.

Obviously going to pass them when she screams out I cannot pass as it is double yellow line (no passing allowed) it was now straightaway but again it is country backroad. She expected me to travel behind 6mph golfcart with 3 people staring at us for half a mile. It was beyond weird but more so infuriating that she even for a moment found that acceptable. Shit like that. Dumb. Like mentally challenged dumb