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1. Who owns the Hollywood studios that produce all of the Hollywood movies?
2. Who owns all of the Magazines that we read?
3. Who owns all of the Newspapers?
4. Who owns all of the publishing houses that print all of the novels and all of the school textbooks?
5. Who controls all the T.V. stations and news stations?
6. Who was the first person in Montreal Canada to start performing abortions on white women?
7. Who invented the birth control pill and started marketing it to white women?
8. Who controls pornography?
9. Who were the ones who started whispering feminist propaganda into white women’s ears?
10. Who were the ones who changed our immigration laws in 1965 to let non-white foreigners flood into our countries and usher in the new “multicultural paradise”? Who are working to make white people a minority?
11. Who own the banks and print the money?
12. Who were the ones who started usury and getting white people into debt, making us debt slaves?
13. Who was the one touring around the country giving speeches on white privilege?
14. Who did 9/11 and blamed it on innocent Arabs?
15. Who owned the slave ships during the Atlantic slave trade and blamed it on white people?
16. Who committed mass genocide in Russia in their Gulag death camps, and then falsely accused the Germans of doing it?
17. Who is crashing the world economy and imploding the United States economy?
18. Who is responsible for the corona virus pandemic hoax?
19. Who wants to create a cashless society to enslave us?
20. Who starved ten million people to death in the Ukraine called the Holodomor?
21. Who are the ones who call us goyim cattle?
22. Who cuts off the end of a baby boys penis and sucks out the blood?
23. Who hates white people and wants to destroy them?
24. Who keeps pushing interracial relationships on white people?
25. Who are the ones who keep whispering into black people’s ears that all their problems are because of white people?
26. Who invented communism?

Who are these people? Can anyone answer these questions?