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@happy & @theprotocolsofzion

Everywhere you look people slave away in the pursuit of more riches. People now days operate on the assumption that the more money they have the happier they’ll be and that they also cannot survive without money. This assumptions people make are both founded on lies.

Not only does our greed cause us to waste billions of tons of food in America alone but it causes us to have to work way harder for things than we would have to if money wasn’t in the equation. If people were willing to share with each other then all this waste wouldn’t occur.

Instead we would use everything up, rather than hold onto it and letting it got to waste for the hope of making a buck off of it, and also solve all the famines that are occurring around the rest of the world at the same time.

This social belief that money is what we need to live also justifies the start of wars which leads to the death of millions. For example I remember being taught in social studies class that it was good that America got into world war 2 for the sake of the economy. That is ludicrous that people think we should go to war and kill people so our economy can grow.

There are thousands of other examples of people valuing pieces of paper over the lives of others and this needs to stop or it will continue to lead to the death of millions more in the coming years.

Our modern society teaches us that we always need to strive for more things: cars, houses, boats, expensive vacations, designer clothes. We’ve gone far beyond the basic necessities of shelter and clothing. Most of my neighbors have nicer homes and newer cars than I do, but it’s all based on debt. They don’t own any of it – just throw a job loss at them and they’re at risk of losing everything.

In psychology it’s called Affective Forecasting and as human beings we’re not very good at it. I think this is very true in modern, secular society, were any higher meaning or spiritual purpose has been replaced with ideas around career and consumption. People believe that the house, car, high powered career and 2.5 kids are going to make them happy, but those are just the products of advertising. When you live in a despiritualized society, there is no interconnection, only a lonely individualism were the main goals are competition with your neighbours and your self. Whom ever dies with the most toys wins.

The true source of happiness and meaning lies with interconnection, being woven into a larger human and non-human community, but people in modern society think something like that is just naive and quaint.