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Lord Wankdust

Muhammad Ali didn’t drink. At this point he was already suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (which he fucking fought for the next 30 years). His slightly slurred and hesitant speech is the result of this. He was also grew more unsteady on his feet over the years and suffered cognitive impairment as a result of the pounding his head took in the ring.

Sometimes older boxers were referred to as being “punch drunk” due to this slowing of the function of their bruised brains, slurred speech and kinda unsteady hesitant walk…

But back in 1970 he was sharp and in full control of his faculties. Explaining why he wasn’t going to Vietnam to kill Gooks.

“Muhammad Ali just wanted to beat people up, not kill them. So the government said if you won’t kill people, you can’t beat them up.”
-George Carlin